Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1

Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No1 reviewThe Real Dose Company is the manufacturer and marketer behind the nonprescription weight loss product called Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No 1. The claim that it makes about these pills is that they include all of the right ingredients in the proper dose, without having tested them on animals (they used humans, instead).

This sounds like a unique and appealing approach to diet pills, but whether or not they are able to keep their promise is another story. After having consulted a doctor, the next most important step to be taken before purchasing and using Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No 1 is to look at the list of ingredients in its formula, to make certain that it includes substances in the right quantities and in the proper combination to promote safe and effective weight loss.

The ingredients in Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No 1 include a proprietary blend of: dolichos biflorus seed extract, svetol (decaffeinated green coffee bean extract), siberian rhodiola rosea extract, and bioperine. Other than the bioperine, the ingredients within this pill are uncommon within the weight loss industry. They all seem to have a direct impact on hormones, but no conclusive studies could be located to suggest that they produce the results in the manufacturer’s claims. The closest that could be located is some preliminary research that was not geared toward weight loss.

The claim made by the manufacturer is that it functions by raising the level of the fat burning hormone adiponectin in the body, while lowering what they call “the hunger hormone”, ghrelin. It also helps to even out the level of blood glucose, according to the official website. It says that the outcome of this combination is that people who have previously struggled to be able to lose weight will suddenly find themselves capable of doing so.

If you do choose to start to take Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No 1, be prepared to pay a higher amount than you would for the competition. The reason is that at the time of this review, the official website for this product was charging $67 for a bottle that provides a one month supply. That said, buying several bottles at a time could help to save a little bit. The manufacturer should be credited for their satisfaction guarantee, which gives a customer a massive 365 days in which to decide whether or not they are happy with the results. This guarantee is unconditional.