Clenburexin reviews

Clenburexin is a diet pill that is designed to work as a fat burner so that dieters will be able to lose a larger amount of body mass in a shorter amount of time, and with less effort than would otherwise be required. The official website for this product is antiquated and doesn’t provide very much information about the product. However, its “buy now” link does direct the dieter to another site that sells the product and that provides a great deal more information, including a complete ingredients list.

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Hot Rox Extreme

Hot Rox Extreme diet pills

Hot Rox Extreme is produced by a company called Biotest, which has been manufacturing supplements in the United Kingdom for weight loss, sleep, bodybuilding, and other purposes for more than a decade. In the United States, these pills are distributed by a company called T-Nation LLC.

A Diet Pill with Big Promises

The promises made by the advertising for these pills is that it is a professional strength fat-loss formula that “handles the toughest, most relentless, never-been-lean-before, fat-loss cases.” It claims to attack fat in a variety of ways including:

  • Increases thermogenesis
  • Boosts levels of hormone sensitive lipase within the fat cell
  • Enhances thyroid hormone levels
  • Targets lipolysis in stubborn areas like the lower body, lower back and abdominal area
  • Stimulates mitochondrial uncoupling, a thermogenic process fueled by fat metabolism

The pill is designed for men and women who want to lose fat fast, maintain their muscle and feel great. The official Hot Rox Extreme product page says “It’s like taking a happy pill that makes fat disappear.”

It is important to investigate these types of claim further, such as by examining the ingredients list, as these are a very common claims that are rarely achieved, particularly without side effects or other drawbacks. Not to mention, no diet pill can make fat “disappear.”

Hot Rox Extreme Ingredients

At the time of this Hot Rox Extreme review, the ingredients in the formula include:

  • Self-Microemulsifying Thermogenic Gel
  • Caffeine

The Self-Microemulsifying Thermogenic Gel was composed of:

  • Lauroyl Macrogol-32 Glycerides
  • Raspberry ketone
  • Carbolin 19
  • Piperine
  • Yohimbine HCl

Most notably, the official Biotest product site focuses on promoting:  Carbolin 19, Yohimbine, and Raspberry Ketone.

The site references a study conducted on Carbolin 19 in which dieters using the substance lost an average of 9.9 pounds of fat and gained 8.2 pounds of muscle in a period of 12 weeks. That said, it made absolutely no reference to who conducted the study, how it was performed, when it was performed, how much Carbolin 19 was used, who the participants were, or where it was published (if it was published). Because of that, it is difficult to believe the claims that are made regarding the science behind this product.

As for yohimbine and raspberry ketone, while they are both well known in the over-the-counter (OTC) weight loss industry, neither one has ever been clinically proven to be effective for weight loss. For instant, no clinical trials of raspberry ketones found that they can cause weight loss in humans, even in studies involving mice raspberry ketones didn’t present a strong case for being ideal for weight loss.

Beware of Side Effects

It should be recognized that fat burners can be effective but they are a very powerful type of product and that they are nearly never as miraculous as the manufacturers would have you believe. Typically, they are very high in stimulants which means that they are also associated with some uncomfortable side effects that could be dangerous for people with certain health conditions or who are taking certain kinds of medications. They also require that the dieter exercise – particularly cardio – in order to truly benefit from these types of effects.

Additionally, on the product packaging for Hot Rox Extreme, there is a very serious warning, cautioning potential users about the fact that there is a risk of negative side effects due to the high level of stimulants. Some of these effects may include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Difficulty sleeping

Though this is not necessarily favorable in that nobody wants to experience side effects from a product that they are using, at least the company was responsible enough to give some warning, which many manufacturers fail to do.

Still, due to the high stimulant content and the warnings, it would be a good idea to first consult with your doctor before taking Hot Rox Extreme.

Segbeauty Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device

Segbeauty Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device ReviewThe Segbeauty Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device is a gadget designed to help the body to naturally slim down and eliminate areas of unwanted fat. Though there is a Segbeauty website, it doesn’t appear to be related to the brand behind this weight loss product.

It is unclear as to whether or not there is an official website for this product. At the time this review was written, one could not be found by way of an appropriate amount of online research. Therefore, the information used for this review was obtained from third party websites that sell the product, such as

According to the official description for the product, as shared on sales websites, the point to using it is to be able to contour the body with greater control, for the purpose of boosting confidence levels. It is referred to as a type of treatment and is supposed to shrink areas of fat on the body that are stubborn and resistant to diet and exercise.

The description also says that the The Segbeauty Body Shaping Ultrasonic RF Massage Device can be used to help reduce the waistline, the size of the backside, thigh size and the size of other areas of the body where unwanted fat tends to stick around. This also includes love handles, abs, upper arms and inner knees.

The device works by way of three different modes. The first mode is ultrasound cavitation. The second mode is red LED light therapy. The third mode is radio frequency (RF) thermal. By using all three modes as a therapy, it is supposed to work on cellulite through the “cavitation effect.” This term is not defined by the description of the product, despite its use and the fact that it is identified as the central reason for the benefits of the product.

That said, it does go on to say that the skin is simultaneously stimulated while the cavitation effect is occurring – by way of the LED red light therapy – and then the RF tightens the skin through stimulation. At some point, though it is unclear which mode is responsible for it, the cellulite is supposed to be broken up more effectively so the body can burn off the excess fat and the size will be reduced.

The Amazon description also quite randomly points out that the device can be used in red light therapy mode to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and to bring the skin’s youthful appearance back again.

MateFit Green Power

MateFit Green Power ReviewMateFit Green Power is a type of superfood supplement that is meant to help dieters who are seeking to lose weight in order to improve their overall health and wellness. This product is made of all natural ingredients – in fact, there are more than fifty of them in the formula. The claim is that each of those substances have been “extensively researched.”

Each of the foods in the ingredients list was selected because of its nutrient content. The goal was to create a supplement packed with a spectrum of vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants and other beneficial compounds. While the official website does lean on the statement that all the ingredients have undergone scientific scrutiny, the shame of it is that it doesn’t actually cite any of that research. These leaves the consumer to have to either assume that the research is as good as is implied by the makers of MateFit Green Powder, or to have to do their own research into the studies that were published on fifty different ingredients – not a small task.

This product is sold in the form of a powder that consumers are meant to prepare as a beverage and then drink. This is an appealing format to many people who struggle to swallow capsules and tablets, or who would simply rather enjoy their nutrients by consuming them like food.

The package directions recommend that this beverage be prepared by mixing one scoop of the powder into an 8 ounce glass of water. It must then be stirred to combine the water and the powder. It also states that you can combine this powder with juices and smoothies to enhance their benefits or to enjoy a different flavor every day.

At the time of the writing of this review, the MateFit Green Power formula was made of a Green Power Blend of ingredients. They consisted of: spirulina powder, citrus bioflavonoid peel powder complex, marine algae powder, barley grass powder, chlorella cracked cell wall powder, wheat grass powder, acerola fruit extract, broccoli sprout powder, papaya fruit powder, bilberry fruit extract, rosehip fruit extract, beet root powder, stevia leaf extract, grape seed extract, green tea leaf extract, carrot root powder, alpha lipoic acid, astragalus root extract, rosemary leaf extract, spinach leaf powder, chocolate (cocoa) bean extract, turmeric root extract, bromelain complex, kelp powder, lyceum (goji) fruit extract, shitake mushroom powder, beta glucans, co-enzyme Q10, resveratrol.

NOTIME Electric Face and Body Lymphatic Drainage Massager

NOTIME Electric Face and Body Lymphatic Drainage Massager reviewThe NOTIME Electronic Face and Body Lymphatic Drainage Massager is a device meant to help people to be able to lose weight, reduce their cellulite, and even lift and tighten loose skin. This machine is sold on Amazon as well as a few other marketplaces online.

That said, despite the fact that it is easy to find to purchase, the NOTIME Electronic Face and Body Lymphatic Drainage Massager doesn’t appear to have any customer reviews – at least not at the time of the writing of this review. This suggests that the machine may be exceptionally new to the market.

If the product sales description is to be believed, there is very little that this product cannot do. It is meant to provide you with a “stress free body,” promote “youthful skin,” offer “complete skin care,” while giving you a “thorough facial treatment.” If this machine is capable of accomplishing all those goals, it would be a next to miraculous invention.

This product claims to be able to de-stress the body by using a thermal massage to release tension. It also claims that this process will make the skin more relaxed, healthy and smooth.

Interestingly, midway through the product description, it starts to refer to the product as the “Beauty Pro Full Body Massager,” which it is not called at any other point including on the machine itself. This indicates that either they entered the wrong product name into their own marketing copy or they have “borrowed” – with or without permission – this content from another product. That said, it may also be that this product was originally called something else and that the name was changed, though the original product name wasn’t removed from all the sales copy.

In order to achieve the “youthful skin,” the description recommends the use of an exfoliator tool which removes dead skin and leaves a polished and glowing appearance. This step is meant to be taken after the thermal body massage. The complete skin care is meant to be achieved by using different thermal function to each part of the body, including the cheeks, eye area, chin, arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs. The product description does not explain which features are available or why they will help the various parts of the body.

In terms of a facial treatment, it calls itself a “thermal remedy” that will firm, rearrange, “sooth” and adjust the skin. Though it doesn’t actually explain what any of that means, either. It would be interesting to find out what they mean by rearranging the skin.

It is unclear how any of these steps are meant to provide the claimed weight loss. It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor before starting the use of this product.

Slimming Body Shaper

Slimming Body Shaper reviewThe Slimming Body Shaper from Norm Thompson Outfitters is one of two similar products – the other from another manufacturer – that have promised to provide people that they will not only instantly appear thinner when they wear it, but they will also lose fat from their bodies because of caffeine that is infused into the fabric.

This product has received a 3.8 star review (out of a possible 5) from customers who have provided their feedback on the official website of the store. This shape wear appears to have a number of strengths as well as certain drawbacks, of which consumers should become aware before they take out their credit cards and purchase the product.

To begin, the Slimming Body Shaper is constructed with corrective bands as well as a “tummy panel” that helps to provide the appearance of slimming and smoothing in the area of the hips and waist as it is warn. Moreover, it also provides lift and support to the bust and rear areas. It uses the “Micromassaging Lytess®” fabric, which has been infused with caffeine and botanicals, which it simply calls “natural ingredients”. Those substances had previously been said to help to further slim down the body even after this caffeine infused underwear has been removed, though the website has now changed the wording to state that the skin is moisturized by the formula and that the massaging seamless fabric rubs it in. These ingredients remain in the fabric for up to 30 washes, according to the site.

That said, recently, the U.S. government released a statement through the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), stating that unlike those former claims made about the Slimming Body Shaper from Norm Thompson Outfitters, the caffeine in the clothing will not help to reduce fat or cellulite. Moreover, the marketers of these and the rival product from Wacoal America were both required to refund over $1.5 million to American customers who had purchased these products for their fat busting properties. The FTC said that those claims were “not true or substantiated by scientific evidence” and that they had been “deceptively advertised, marketed, and sold”.

The marketing description of the product has since been changed and the primary complaint that women seem to have about the Slimming Body Shaper was that it required them to purchase a size larger than they would have expected. Overall, as regular standard shape wear, they appeared to be satisfied. At the time of this review, it was being sold on the official website for a sale price of $29.99, which was a discount from the regular price of $79.99.

Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

Hollywood Detox Body Wrap reviewThe Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is a product that is made by Verseo. It is an As Seen on TV product. It is advertised as being an all natural method of detoxification for the body. It promises that it will reduce the size by inches and that it will provide the body with rejuvenation, overall.

The product works as a kind of bandage that is wrapped around the body to “draw dangerous toxin out of your body” so that inches can be lost all in the span of under an hour. This is not necessarily a unique claim as there are many detox wraps and similar products that essentially sweat excess fluids from the tissues to shrink down areas of the body that had been retaining water. This is a very temporary type of weight loss and it is likely that the size will return within a few days at the most.

Equally, if it works, it would be appealing to those who want to slim down just a little bit more to look their very best for reunions and other specific events.

Although the ad for the product on the official website does say that it was clinically tested and was developed in “some of Europe’s finest spas”, and even though it is endorsed by some of the top celebrities in Hollywood, this doesn’t mean that there are any guarantees that it will actually work. Nor does it necessarily suggest that any “toxins” will be drawn out of the body with the rest of the fluid that is sweated out. It says that the reason that toxins are drawn out of the body is that they are often stored in and around fat cells. That said, these wraps don’t cause fat loss, they cause fluid loss, meaning that the actual process and the location of the supposed toxins appear not to be connected.

The official webpage says that the Hollywood Detox Body Wraps will help to reduce stretch marks, break down cellulite, and even tighten and tone loose skin.

Overall, consumers do not appear to be all that taken with the results that they have achieved through the use of this product. Customer feedback has suggested that while this weight loss product does promote softer skin, it does not appear to be effective in terms of generating fat reduction. After daily use, many customers still complained that they had not seen the desired results and said that they would not choose to buy it again.

Forza T5 Super Strength

Forza T5 Super Strength reviewForza T5 Super Strength is a nonprescription fat burner diet pill that is designed to help bodybuilders and dieters, alike to shed the excess weight that is holding them back from reaching their goals. This product was created by a company called Forza Supplements. That manufacturer also produces a range of other types of weight loss, pre-workout, fat burning, energy, recovery, and healthy living supplements in a number of different categories.

These diet pills are available both through the official website of the manufacturer, as well as by way of a number of different online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, among others. That said, it should be noted that the staff that works for the official website for this product has a strong reputation for providing very professional, friendly, and prompt customer service for everything from answering questions to assisting with making a purchase. This might make the official website one of the better options if this product is actually selected for buying and for use.

While the manufacturer is located in the United Kingdom, it is possible to have this product shipped to many different countries around the globe. Moreover, it boasts a customer service team that is there exclusively to be sure that shoppers will be confident and satisfied with their purchases.

That said, all of the superior customer service isn’t worth much unless it is for a product that actually lives up to its promises. The manufacturer claims that Forza T5 Super Strength works by increasing the rate by which the body burns fat so that it will make the process of shrinking excess weight from the body into a faster and easier process than it would be with diet and exercise alone. In fact, according to the official website for this product, even the most resistant fat that has stayed around regardless of efforts to burn it off, will be reduced through the proper use of these pills.

At the time of this review, there had been more than one million bottles of this product sold, according to the manufacturer’s data.

The ingredients that make up this product include: Activ-Rx™, bitter orange, caffeine, L-Tyrosine, and guarana seed. This makes it clear that this product is based on stimulants – and powerful ones, at that. While this can mean that it will be a very effective fat burner, it is important to note that it also puts users of Forza T5 Super Strength at a certain risk of side effects that are associated with strong stimulants. These can include jitters and tremors, headache, anxiety, nervousness, sleeplessness, restlessness, diarrhea, and others.