Ursula Women’s Latex Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper

Ursula Women's Latex Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper reviewThe Ursula Women’s Latex Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper is a wearable body shaping product made out of latex, cotton and spandex. It is made and sold by a company from Columbia called Ursula Body Shapers.

The product is fair-trade and claims to use high quality manufacturing following equally high quality design and technology use in order to create it in the first place. The core of the product is made out of 100 percent latex, while the interior lining that actually comes in contact with the skin is a combination of 96 percent cotton and 4 percent spandex. That said, the marketing materials underscore the fact that it uses an odorless latex, so it won’t leave you with the somewhat skunky and rubbery smell associated with that substance.

This product is meant to be used as a very high quality cincher that is easy to size and use. It claims that it will not only help to improve your shape, but it will also enhance an individual’s self esteem and “does your body good”. While it reduces the waistline and belly area, it also provides a lifting effect for the bust area. By doing this, it claims to improve posture and, therefore, alleviate back pain through the support it provides. The official website states that wearers can feel the results as soon as they put the cincher on.

This cincher is made to be extremely tough but it is also meant to help you to sweat out any water weight you might be carrying around your middle. If you wear it during a workout, it is designed to be durable enough to withstand your exercises, while the inside is soft enough to protect your skin. There is boning in this product for added support, but it is flexible so it is not meant to give the same restricted feeling of a corset.

The hook and eye closures of the Ursula Women’s Latex Workout Waist Cincher and Body Shaper have three rows. It is meant to be purchased so that the loosest row fits. That way, as weight is lost from workouts and proper eating, it can be tightened to continue to fit.

The product is available in two height options, standard and long band. This makes it possible for people to choose a size that is appropriate for the look they want and for their unique body type.

Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack

Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack reviewBliss Fatgirl Six Pack is a topical product that is meant to work as a “tummy toning” gel. The idea is that you rub this substance into your skin in areas where you have excess fat, particularly in the belly area, and it will somehow cause the look of that fat to disappear so that you will have the look of six pack abs when all is said and done. The manufacturer of the product, Bliss, claims that it will not actually lead to fat loss or weight loss, but that it will look as though that has occurred.

The official website for this product claims that Bliss Fatgirl Six Pack should be used alongside a healthy eating and exercise program. By using it, it promises that abs will appear toned and that loose skin will be tightened. This is actually only one of a number of different products that this manufacturer sells in order to help dieters to lose weight or at least look as though they have. Bliss is based in a number of places around the world, such as London and Singapore, as well as several spots throughout the United States. That said, it found its beginnings in New York. It is a company that is based on spas, but that also sells its own line of products.

Bliss spas provide a broad range of different kinds of treatments, such as those involving skin care, body treatments, waxing, massage, nails, and others. This spa attempts to stand out from the rest by providing an upbeat and peppy experience instead of one that seems to be too “new age” with pan flutes and ocean waves.

The Bliss Fatbirl line of products are meant to help to recreate the spa treatments at home. In this case, it is a type of gel that comes in a bottle that doubles as a dispenser with a stimulator massage end. That is meant to be used to rub the product into the belly while massaging the area for enhanced circulation and improve results.

The active ingredients within this formula include: caffeine, amino acids, and creatine, oat kernel extract, manilkara tree extract, and menthol. That said, absolutely none of these ingredients have been proven to provide anything but the most minor and temporary results. While it may help the user to very slightly shrink his or her cellulite for a small period of time, it is exceptionally unlikely that it will provide the look of six pack abs as a result of its use.

ABC Slim Belly Patch

ABC Slim Belly Patch reviewThe ABC Slim Belly Patch is a weight loss product that is supposed to provide ingredients of a diet supplement topically. This item is applied to the skin and is supposed to help to decrease cravings for food, boost the metabolism and lower the number of calories consumed in a day. The description of the product on many third party sites that sell it claim that within a span of thirty days, a tremendous 30 pounds could be lost, even without exercising or dieting.

That claim sounds absolutely unbelievable, but until it is further investigated and reviewed, it should not be entirely discounted.

To start, the claim that changes to diet and exercise are not required is absurd. The benefits of the product are supposed to include a reduction in food cravings and in daily calorie intake. That already suggests that a difference to eating habits will be necessary in order to produce the benefits. Moreover, if exercising does not occur, then it means that the calories that are consumed – even if they are fewer than normal – are not being burned away. Even with a fat burner – as this product claims to contain – there would not be enough of a difference to actually produce measurable weight loss, let alone the pound per day that the ABC Slim Belly Patch says that it can offer. Fat burners function by boosting the metabolism while the body is burning calories, which occurs primarily during cardio exercise. Without meaningful calorie burning to enhance the effects, not much will actually happen within the body.

It should also be pointed out that even if this product could live up to its claims, it would not be considered safe by any reputable doctor. There is no way that a doctor would condone any diet effort that is supposed to reduce weight by 7.5 pounds per week for multiple consecutive weeks.

The ingredients that make up the ABC Slim Belly Patch are: Semen Cassiae Torae, Poria Cocos, Maythorn, Immature Bitter Orange, Scutellaria Baicalensis, Alisma Orientalis, Angelica Sinensis, and Active Substances of Plant Extract. This list makes it clear that the product is based on stimulants and diuretics. This means that not only will it be primarily water weight and not fat that will be lost, if this product works at all, but also that it places the user at risk of certain unpleasant side effects. In fact, the FDA has released a warning against the use of bitter orange – and the synephrine that it contains – due to the dangerous reactions that some people could experience from using it as a part of a nonprescription weight loss supplement.

Get Your Body Back

Get Your Body Back book reviewGet Your Body Back is a book that is written for new mothers. It was authored by Anita Weil Bell and is designed to help new moms to be able to lose their baby weight once they have given birth. The book describes the ways in which women can lose that extra weight and get their bodies back into shape again. It recognizes that not every new mom is able to stay at home or can afford a gym membership, and it provides options that are meant to take those issues into account.

The book is designed to be used over a period of three months and it provides a plan that can be followed throughout that time. The plan is broken down into three different stages. The first stage explains how new moms can effectively eat healthy and keep things light. The second stage provides a number of strategies for doing proper workouts on a regular basis. The third phase is a unique one as it explains how new moms can take better care of themselves and even give themselves a much needed treat.

The author of the book is a mother who has experienced the issues that she discusses throughout the book, so it is based on a certain degree of firsthand experience and the ability to relate to moms who are having a hard time trying to shed the baby weight once they have brought their little angel into the world.

At the time that this review was written, neither the author nor the book appeared to have its own website, which means that it is a standalone product without the additional support that some books provide online. It is a product that is available quite easily in print bookstores both online and in brick and mortar shops.

This is a well thought out book that takes into account many of the real issues that arise when trying to tackle postpartum weight loss. Many of those issues are not covered in regular weight loss books as they are unique to the experience of the new mother. This book provides a great deal of support and encouragement to women who are experiencing changes in their bodies and in their lives for the first time and who want to do things in a realistic and healthy way. It provides plans and tools that they can actually use, but doesn’t forget the importance of treating oneself every now and again.

Hip Hop Abs

Hip Hop Abs reviewHip Hop Abs is a weight loss and fitness product kit that is designed to help people to be able to achieve the fit and attractive body that they have always wanted, especially in terms of slimming and toning the abdominal region of their bodies.

The official website for this product – which is created by the ever popular Beach Body brand – says that this kit offers the opportunity to “take your results to the next level with 3 more advanced workouts!”.

Within the Hip Hop Abs kit, the three workouts that are offered include the following:

The Fat Burning Cardio 2 workout. This is designed to provide an advanced experience with moves that require a high level of energy to complete. The official website says that this forty minute workout is “guaranteed” to help a user to be able to drop both inches and pounds from their bodies.

The Abs Sculpt 2 workout. This is a thirty five minute workout that is meant to provide the user with moves that will specifically target the abs in order to give them a more “sculpted” appearance while it also works the rest of the core for better toning and tightening of that part of the body. It also says that this is accomplished without having to do crunches or sit-ups which are unpleasant to many exercisers and can be difficult on other parts of the body such as the back and neck.

The Body Burn 2 workout. This is a fifty minute workout that is meant to provide exercise for the whole body from head to toe, focusing on both strength and cardio, in addition to more moves that are focused on the abs. This is meant to support the other ab workouts while providing users with a chance to keep up the activity for the rest of the body, as well.

It is important to note that this is not a kit that is designed to be used by people who have been living a sedentary lifestyle and who are looking to become active for the first time in a long time. It is meant for individuals who are already relatively fit and who need something more challenging in order to be able to obtain the results that they want in fat burning and toning.

To complete the kit, it also comes with an “Abs or Die Trying” dance routine that are supposed to let the user flatten their abs through some additional new moves. It also requires weighted gloves and an advanced workout calendar.

Slimming Body Shaper

Slimming Body Shaper reviewThe Slimming Body Shaper from Norm Thompson Outfitters is one of two similar products – the other from another manufacturer – that have promised to provide people that they will not only instantly appear thinner when they wear it, but they will also lose fat from their bodies because of caffeine that is infused into the fabric.

This product has received a 3.8 star review (out of a possible 5) from customers who have provided their feedback on the official website of the store. This shape wear appears to have a number of strengths as well as certain drawbacks, of which consumers should become aware before they take out their credit cards and purchase the product.

To begin, the Slimming Body Shaper is constructed with corrective bands as well as a “tummy panel” that helps to provide the appearance of slimming and smoothing in the area of the hips and waist as it is warn. Moreover, it also provides lift and support to the bust and rear areas. It uses the “Micromassaging Lytess®” fabric, which has been infused with caffeine and botanicals, which it simply calls “natural ingredients”. Those substances had previously been said to help to further slim down the body even after this caffeine infused underwear has been removed, though the website has now changed the wording to state that the skin is moisturized by the formula and that the massaging seamless fabric rubs it in. These ingredients remain in the fabric for up to 30 washes, according to the site.

That said, recently, the U.S. government released a statement through the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), stating that unlike those former claims made about the Slimming Body Shaper from Norm Thompson Outfitters, the caffeine in the clothing will not help to reduce fat or cellulite. Moreover, the marketers of these and the rival product from Wacoal America were both required to refund over $1.5 million to American customers who had purchased these products for their fat busting properties. The FTC said that those claims were “not true or substantiated by scientific evidence” and that they had been “deceptively advertised, marketed, and sold”.

The marketing description of the product has since been changed and the primary complaint that women seem to have about the Slimming Body Shaper was that it required them to purchase a size larger than they would have expected. Overall, as regular standard shape wear, they appeared to be satisfied. At the time of this review, it was being sold on the official website for a sale price of $29.99, which was a discount from the regular price of $79.99.

Hollywood Detox Body Wrap

Hollywood Detox Body Wrap reviewThe Hollywood Detox Body Wrap is a product that is made by Verseo. It is an As Seen on TV product. It is advertised as being an all natural method of detoxification for the body. It promises that it will reduce the size by inches and that it will provide the body with rejuvenation, overall.

The product works as a kind of bandage that is wrapped around the body to “draw dangerous toxin out of your body” so that inches can be lost all in the span of under an hour. This is not necessarily a unique claim as there are many detox wraps and similar products that essentially sweat excess fluids from the tissues to shrink down areas of the body that had been retaining water. This is a very temporary type of weight loss and it is likely that the size will return within a few days at the most.

Equally, if it works, it would be appealing to those who want to slim down just a little bit more to look their very best for reunions and other specific events.

Although the ad for the product on the official website does say that it was clinically tested and was developed in “some of Europe’s finest spas”, and even though it is endorsed by some of the top celebrities in Hollywood, this doesn’t mean that there are any guarantees that it will actually work. Nor does it necessarily suggest that any “toxins” will be drawn out of the body with the rest of the fluid that is sweated out. It says that the reason that toxins are drawn out of the body is that they are often stored in and around fat cells. That said, these wraps don’t cause fat loss, they cause fluid loss, meaning that the actual process and the location of the supposed toxins appear not to be connected.

The official webpage says that the Hollywood Detox Body Wraps will help to reduce stretch marks, break down cellulite, and even tighten and tone loose skin.

Overall, consumers do not appear to be all that taken with the results that they have achieved through the use of this product. Customer feedback has suggested that while this weight loss product does promote softer skin, it does not appear to be effective in terms of generating fat reduction. After daily use, many customers still complained that they had not seen the desired results and said that they would not choose to buy it again.

Tummy Tuck Belt

Tummy Tuck Belt reviewThe Tummy Tuck Belt is marketed as being a type of system that will slim down the abdomen when used according to its directions. Though it is advertised as unique and revolutionary, it does not appear to be highly different from a broad range of other similar products on the market. Like the others, it also promises a flatter, smaller stomach after having used it for only a few minutes each day.

The claims that are specifically made by the Tummy Tuck Belt are that it helps the dieter in three different ways to reduce the size around his or her middle. The instructions say that it should be used for ten minutes per day for thirty straight days. This is the first way in which the Tummy Tuck Belt is meant to work and the claim is that during that time, belly fat will melt away, although the overall body weight will likely remain about the same. The claims are that the results will be visible even if the dieter doesn’t change the way that he or she is eating or exercising.

The second way that this weight loss product is said to work is that it when combined with exercise. In this way, the same ten minutes per day, though this time it should be specifically done in the morning, a combination with an exercise routine at any other point in the day will make the results four times greater.

Finally, the last way that this product can be used for “instant” slimming results is through its compression. It suggests that the Tummy Tuck Belt should simply be worn as it is, under clothing, and it will instantly give a slimming effect because it is made out of a tight fabric.

At the time of this review, the system was being sold for two payments of $19.00 plus shipping and handling and comes with the belt itself, as well as a thermal accelerator gel that is meant to be applied to a clean stomach before the belt is worn so that the device will work better.

Though this seems like a simple enough system, there is no scientific evidence that the device will help to make a person any slimmer, except in the last way, in which they appear slimmer from wearing the tight fabric, despite the fact that they remain the same weight and BMI underneath the product.