Waist Away

Waist Away reviewWaist Away is a type of diet program that is made up of three different parts in order to help people who are trying to drop the pounds to be able to do so at a faster rate than is possible if their efforts are unassisted. The three different parts of this program are made up of: diet (eating), supplementation, and fat loss.

There is an official website for this program, and on it is a long list of testimonials of dieters who say that they were able to use it successfully. These testimonials are complemented by photographs and additional weight loss information from each individual. The program recommends a certain type of specific weight loss meal that is made by one company, which makes it clear that the program and the producer of those meals are working together in order to make sales. That said, Waist Away also sells its own premade meals on its websites that can be ordered and purchased.

The information that is provided about the diet indicates that it is quite simple and straightforward and it can be easy to think that it would be quite effective based on the descriptions that are provided. That said, most diets make very similar claims.

One thing that is worrying is that this program claims that a dieter can lose up to one pound every day. That rate of weight loss is notably higher than what is typically recommended for a healthy weight reduction program. In fact, 7 pounds per week is typically considered to be unsafe for the average dieter.

Though it isn’t entirely clear what is in the supplements that are required for the Waist Away diet, there is some mention of an HCG supplement. That may suggest that the eating portion of this diet will be considerably lower than the typical healthy weight loss program. Eating too few calories on a daily basis is usually considered to be neither safe nor appropriate for weight loss and it does not bring about long term results.

Usually, eating too few calories every day will cause the body to flip into “starvation mode” in which it will slow down the metabolism because it will function as though the body is not able to obtain enough calories – which, technically speaking, it is not. When the metabolism slows down, it not only means that it will be harder to actually lose weight, but it also means that when the person returns to normal eating habits, it will be far easier to gain the weight back once again.