Skinny B

Skinny B reviewSkinny B is a natural breakfast cereal product that is manufactured by a Canadian company called HapiFoods Group Inc. It is one of three cereal products made by this company, the most popular of which is called “Holy Crap”. Though it had been somewhat popular on a local scale, after having been featured on Dragon’s Den, a popular national television show in which the company received considerable support by financial investors, the company took off.

The product isn’t like traditional breakfast cereals. It is meant to be eaten only two tablespoons at a time, mixed in yogurt, milk, almond milk, or a smoothie, for example. When left to soak in the liquid for a few minutes, the ingredients swell and produce a flavorful and exceptionally healthy functional food.

The ingredients in Skinny B are all non-GMO and include: organic chia, organic buckwheat, and organic hulled hemp seeds. The price per 225 gram bag is not cheap, at $34.95 per three bags on the official website (which breaks down to $11.65 each). As it is meant to be consumed only 28 grams at a time, this means that one bag will only last just over 8 days. That said, it is comparable to other breakfast cereals on the organic and gluten free shelves.

The product contains the highest amount of chia seeds among all of the HapiFoods products. This makes it very high in fiber and yet it does not contain any sugar – which is nearly unheard of in the breakfast cereal category. This ingredient and its high fiber quantity is known for assisting in weight loss as well as stabilizing blood sugar. This means that it not only makes it easier to lose weight, but it helps to prevent blood sugar spikes and crashes that can lead to food cravings that can be disastrous to dieting.

The chia seeds in this product are an ancient food that were considered by the ancient Aztecs to be more valuable than gold. It is considered to be one of a few “perfect foods” in the world as it is among a very small number of complete proteins that are vegan friendly.

The reviews that can be found on the official website and on third party sellers online have been extremely enthusiastic. This product appears to be very well received and people who have tried it once appear to be dedicated to reordering, despite the rather high price point.