Purespores Pure African Mango

Purespores Pure African Mango ReviewPurespore Pure African Mango is a dietary supplement that supports weight management. A product from Purespores, it is a maximum strength and advanced formula designed to naturally curb your appetite, burn fat and promote fast metabolism.

The ingredients used in this supplement are supposedly sourced from the most potent herbs of the highest quality. The ingredients in the formula include (per 2 vegetarian capsule serving): African Mango (800 mg), Olive Leaf + Bud (200 mg) and Licorice Root (200 mg).

How do these ingredients work to benefit weight loss? African mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, is a West African tree that produces fruits similar to mangos. The seeds of this fruit are used for medicinal purposes. It is believed that African mango has a high fiber content and it might help lower cholesterol. They are also thought to possibly reduce fat cell growth, which can increase the breakdown of fats.

Moreover, it is also thought that West African tribesmen used to eat African mango to suppress appetite during long hunting excursions. Unfortunately, in spite of all of these claims, there is insufficient evidence to support them. There is no proof that taking African mango will, in any way, lead to measureable fat loss.

As for olive leaf, it is believed to help lower cholesterol levels and has anti-inflammatory effects. It may also help to lower high blood pressure. It may possibly be effective for treating high blood pressure and high cholesterol, but there is no solid scientific evidence that suggests it may be ideal for weight management.

Finally, licorice root is believed to help with many digestive problems and, in terms of weight loss, some research suggests that it may help reduce body fat. That being said, studies have also found that it can cause water retention. Nonetheless, on the whole, there is insufficient evidence regarding its benefit for weight loss.

All in all, Purespore Pure African Mango, may help to support healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range, but it is unlikely to offer any real benefits to individuals who are seeking to lose weight.

Still, if you are interested in taking this product, it is recommended that you take 2 capsules daily on an empty stomach or as directed by your healthcare provider. For optimal weight loss results, this supplement should also be taken alongside a healthy, calorie-conscious diet and regular exercise.

Remember, before taking any dietary supplement for weight management purposes, it’s always smart to consult your doctor.