Let’s Get Toned!

Let’s Get Toned diet book reviewLet’s Get Toned! is a diet book that was written by Renata Philips and that is available for download online in the form of a very brief ebook. It is sold at a number of different online stores at a price that reflects the fact that it is only 26 pages in length.

The version sold on Amazon, formatted for Kindle, is currently available for $2.73, though there are reports online that indicate that it had previously been $2.99. Therefore, if price is an issue, most dieters would not feel that the cost of this particular book is prohibitive in any way. That said, whether or not this brief little digital booklet is capable of providing a way to lose weight and get fit is another story that must be investigated with greater depth.

The Let’s Get Toned! book, itself, is designed for readers who want to burn off unwanted body fat, lose weight overall, increase their metabolic rates, and enhance their lean muscle tissue. Its official description calls it a “new age guide” for toning muscle as weight is lost. It was first published in February 2014.

Though it is very short, the book attempts to tap into some very important issues when it comes to losing weight, including motivation strategies for weight loss, ways to make the effort less complicated, techniques for sculpting muscles, and the importance of building muscle mass in order to burn fat. It also guides users to do exercises that can be completed quickly, learn how to plan workouts, and understand how to exercise every day so that significant results can be seen.

The book is strong in that it is geared toward both men and women and it encourages regular exercise, which is lacking in many diet programs. Moreover, it is realistic in that it provides instruction with regards to exercises that can be done from home and with very limited equipment involved, or none at all.

That said, it is not necessarily a program for everyone. This is particularly weak in that it does not make any healthy diet plan suggestions or even provide samples upon which a reader could then guide him or herself. Though the exercises can be done by many people, they are not necessarily appropriate for all dieters and fitness levels.

Though this book could be seen as nice in that it offers a few helpful tips and hints to promote better fitness and weight loss, it is not necessarily a complete guide that could be considered to be the one resource needed to achieve these goals.