PHENBLUE ReviewYou may have heard of Phentermine, or its capsule form, Phentermine Blue.

These are medications prescribed to obese individuals in order to help them shed their excess fat more quickly and easily so that they can bring their bodies down to a healthier state and lower their risk of certain serious health conditions. For those who don’t qualify for prescription weight loss drugs because they are overweight and not obese, however, PHENBLUE® is an over-the-counter premium weight loss dieting support capsule that has been carefully formulated for individuals with a BMI between 25 and 29.9 who need extra support with their efforts to achieve a healthier body weight.

PhenBlue Capsules
PhenBlue 1 Bottle, 60ct
PhenBlue 2 Bottles, 120ct
PhenBlue 3 Bottles, 180ct
PhenBlue 6 Bottles, 360ct


PHENBLUE helps improve focus so that dieters who are reducing their daily caloric intake can more easily stick to their plan and avoid falling victim to cravings. In other words, it becomes much easier to stick to the eating plan without giving in to temptation.

Similarly, these over the counter capsules also provide an energy boost. This way, there is no excuse left for avoiding those daily workouts. You’ll have all the energy you need to give exercise everything you’ve got, to improve your fitness level and burn off those calories.

Of course, even when you adhere closely to a diet and exercise program, it doesn’t hurt to give your body a bit of a hand. Therefore, the increased energy you’ll experience will help you to burn even more fat and calories than you usually would. You’ll maximize the impact of each of your workouts to help you blast away that stubborn fat.

All this is available in the PHENBLUE® easy-to-swallow capsule that needs to be taken only twice per day to experience the best benefits.

How PHENBLUE Can Support You as You Work to Lose Weight

The ingredients in PHENBLUE can help you to lose weight by way of your healthy lifestyle strategy but with greater ease and comfort than you would on your own. The secret to this ability is in the unique proprietary formula that is comprised of the highest quality clinically studied ingredients. These were each carefully selected for their helpful benefits to weight management support and the fact that they are very easy to use.

The ingredients within each PHENBLUE capsule include:

  • NeOpuntia® (Opuntia Ficus-Indica)
  • Caffeine
  • Organic Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder
  • Theobromine

To truly understand how this PHENBLUE formula can help you as you change your lifestyle habits to reach a weight loss goal, to lose weight more quickly and easily, it’s a good idea to look into each of those ingredients individually.

NeOpuntia is a patented ingredient researched for fat interaction. This can be very handy for dieters working hard to watch what they eat.

Caffeine, also called 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine, is a type of stimulant ingredient that has been extensively studied in order to discover its many different benefits. These include higher energy levels and improved alertness. Both of these can be very helpful to weight loss dieting support because they help to eliminate the struggles that occur when attempting to reduce the amount that is eaten every day and trying to exercise more.

Organic Matcha Green Tea Leaf Powder has been thoroughly studied by the health and weight loss industries and has been found to offer a spectrum of benefits that can be great for dieting and overall wellness.

Theobromine works together with caffeine to enhance the energy boosting benefits of this formula.