Utah Diet

Utah Diet reviewThe Utah Diet came to be in the town of Moab, Utah and is a fad diet through and through. This is an extremely eclectic little town and has been followed by the people who live there and in its surrounding area. Essentially, it is a form of organic eating program that is extremely difficult to try to follow unless you live within the area or are willing to try to make a number of considerable changes to the way that you live your life.

The premise of the diet is primarily based on the combination of eating organic fruits and vegetables with game meat. This makes the diet extremely restrictive as you cannot eat anything that you could not either raise or grow on your own if you lived on a ranch or a farm. Although this does sound as though it has a very healthy side to it, and it does naturally allow you to reduce the bad fats that you eat and shrinks the carbs you’ll be eating, it is not as easily done as it is said.

This type of diet is also sound in that its recommendations allow you to match what is said to be appropriate on the food pyramid (or food plate). This means that the nutrition that it achieves is actually quite solid, as well.

However, for the majority of people, this does not represent a lifestyle that can be worked into the real world. It is highly restrictive and doesn’t allow any foods that are not organic or that have been processed. It also does not permit any sugar. It is based on sticking to nature and keeping the lifestyle as pure and natural as possible.

Another positive part of this diet is that it also requires the dieter to exercise very often. It recommends walking, biking, or hiking, particularly in a mountain landscape.

Clearly, the Utah diet has been designed for people who live in or near Moab, Utah, as the majority of people who live in the rest of the country – or the world – simply do not have the resources or the landscape to be able to practice these requirements on a daily basis. People who live in major cities would find it particularly challenging to be able to keep up this kind of a diet and exercise routine. For anyone outside of that region, it is most likely something that would come and go within a very short period of time.