ACE Magic Slimming Arm Massage Shaper

ACE Magic Slimming Arm Massage Shaper reviewThe ACE Magic Slimming Arm Massage Shaper is a type of product that is worn on the arms under the clothes and that is meant to help people to immediately gain the look of slimmer arms, while actually helping them to achieve that look in their actual arms, underneath.

The concept is that while it does provide an instant appearance of slimmer arms, it will also help the wearer to be able to gradually reduce the size of their arms so that they will eventually be able to stop wearing the product.

According to the official product description, their target demographic is “people with the fat arms,” which suggests that the first language of the writers of the reviews may not be English, or that they do not have very much experience in addressing the weight loss market, as this is a rather uncaring way to categorize customers who are hoping to lose weight on various parts of their body.

The ACE Magic Slimming Arm Massage Shaper consists of short sleeve-like tubes of fabric. The fabric is made from 78 percent nylon and 22 percent spandex. Each package contains two of the product, one for each arm.

The directions recommend that they be worn directly after having bathed and should be put on before getting dressed. They can be worn before or after exercise, which seems to suggest that they should not actually be worn during workouts.

The claim made in the official direction is that it is a “fat buster for arms” and that wearers will be able to “say goodbye to 399 kcal/hour”. Since it doesn’t look like these products actually do anything at all, and as they are not actually worn during a workout, it is exceptionally unlikely that they will help to burn any calories. In fact, it is more likely that any weight lost as a result of wearing these sleeves will be in the form of water weight, which occurs as a result of sweating inside the sleeves. However, once the body is rehydrated, the water weight will return. That said, water weight is not the same as stored fat, and losing water weight is not the same as burning calories.

The description of the product is quite difficult to understand, as it appears to have been created by using a digital translator to translate a statement into English from having been originally written in another language. It appears as though it suggests that the weave of the product produces an ongoing massage along with the natural movement of the body and that the outcome is, somehow, a great deal of calorie burning. It does caution that “You better not use it for more than 4-6 hours.”

The vast majority of the customer reviews on Amazon complain that the product is made far too small and that it doesn’t work. Based on the official description, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise.