The Jenny Craig Tanita Scale

The Jenny Craig Tanita Scale reviewThe Jenny Craig Tanita Scale is a device that is meant to provide dieters with more than simply a measure of their overall body weight. It is designed to include body fat and body water monitors and uses a form of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) in order to be able to conduct an analysis of the actual composition of a user’s body.

The Tanita scale looks like a high quality glass bathroom scale. However, it goes a great deal further than the traditional form of this device. It offers a home version of the far more expensive devices that were previously available only to medical professionals, pro athletes, and personal trainers at some gyms and health clubs.

The device, itself, performs an analysis on a range of different body measurements, including body fat percentage, body water percentage, a physique rating, metabolic age, muscle mass, bone mass, and – of course – weight. These are considered to be estimates and are not accurate enough to replace the type of readings that are available at a doctor’s office. That said, it is information that can help to provide an idea of where a dieter stands, and where improvements are being seen.

The Jenny Craig Tanita Scale can be very handy when dieting, as many dieters struggle with “plateau” issues, where their overall weight doesn’t fall and they feel as though they are not making any progress. The problem there is that when dieting, many dieters are experiencing a change in body composition – such as more muscle and less fat – that doesn’t show up on a bathroom scale.

There is a little bit more involved in using this scale than there is with a regular bathroom scale, but considering the type of reading that it provides, that is to be expected. It is possible to monitor the results of four adults and have their data saved into the device so that it doesn’t need to be re-entered each time that it is used. Each profile contains the user’s gender, age, and height. Once that has been entered, using the Tanita scale is a matter of stepping on and reading the 2.25 inch LCD screen.

Although there have been some negative reviews left by customers who have purchased the Jenny Craig Tanita Scale, overall the reception has been quite good. It is considered to be quite comprehensive for an at-home device and consumers seem to be quite satisfied with its accuracy level.