Gaiam’s Balance Ball Chair

Gaiams Balance Ball Chair reviewWhen it comes to fitness and weight loss, using balance balls as desk chairs has become somewhat of a trend in many circles. However, as much as this may continually engage the muscles of the core, glutes, and legs all day long, many people still hesitate to use this type of seating because the last thing that they want to be doing every time they stand up is to chase a large, bright pink inflatable stability ball across the office. Gaiam has come up with what they believe is the ideal marriage between the office chair and this exercise equipment, with its Balance Chair Ball.

To start, many people find that using a stability ball as a desk chair is a great experience – other than certain practical issues, such as having it roll away when you stand, or struggling to fit a very large ball into a rather limited desk space – as many people find them to be very comfortable, and they enjoy the fact that they don’t simply lounge on that form of seating, they regularly engage several large muscles in their bodies. The result can be a reduction in strain on the back and spine and a decrease in muscle soreness.

The Gaiam Balance Ball Chair costs around $100 and is designed to provide the same experience but without the risk of having the ball roll away, and in a product that is small enough to fit into the average office desk environment.

Overall, the reviews from customers have been highly positive. In terms of the price, it is very competitive when compared to standard high quality office chairs, but it looks much nicer in its professional black shade than the typical blue or pink stability ball. It comes on a base with wheels which makes it much easier to maneuver when getting up and down. This ergonomic chair also has a little bit of a back to it, for when a little bit more support is required or when the user just wants to relax a little.

The size of this ball is slightly smaller than the standard stability ball, but as it is worked into a base, it adds to its height a little without being too wide for most spaces. At this size, it is most likely to be comfortable for people who are between 5’ and 5’11” tall. It is narrow enough to fit within a small desk opening.

Its design encourages engaged abs and good posture and doesn’t allow for slouching and lounging. At the same time, it doesn’t leave the average healthy user feeling tired.