Gut Busters

Gut Busters review

Gut Busters is a weight loss plan that is published within a popular book that became quite the trend for a period of time. The author behind the book is Joyce L. Vedral, PhD. Vedral is a bodybuilder from the United States who gained a following across the country.

She appears to have designed the book with adult males in mind. In particular, she has geared the book toward men who are struggling to lose belly fat and who want to be able to replace their gut with a tighter, toned set of ab muscles.

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Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible

Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible book review

Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible is a book that was written by clinical nutritionist and television celebrity, Gillian McKeith. It is meant to be used as a food reference. Gillian McKeith is the host of several BBC television shows. Among them, the largest and most famous has been “You Are What You Eat,” in which she assists obese individuals in identifying the foods and eating behaviors that are causing them to gain massive amounts of weight, and then guides them with healthier options. McKeith also wrote the 2-million copy internationally bestseller “You Are What You Eat.”

Eating the Right Foods Can Help

The full name of the book is “Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible: How to Use Food to Cure What Ails You.” It is meant to help people to use the right foods to prevent and treat a range of different health struggles. It provides information and recommendations for more than 100 different common ailments, from migraines to yeast infections and asthma.

Many people forget about the healing powers of foods and the nutrients that they contain, but this book has been designed to provide people with a new way of looking at the foods that they eat. Although it does acknowledge that this does not replace a doctor’s care and that there will be times that medications will be required, it also reminds people that their eating habits can offer them some ways to prevent illnesses from happening in the first place, or at least to treat them in a drug-free way so that they don’t need to be as dependent on pills.

For instance, some of the food based treatments mentioned in this book include:

  • Wild yams help promote fertility
  • Almonds can assist with weight loss
  • Tomatoes contain antioxidants that can help prevent cancer
  • Oil and collagen production can be stimulated by eating foods like berries, spinach, broccoli and romaine lettuce

This Book May Not Be for Everyone

Among the strengths of this book are that the author is very qualified as a nutrition and medical specialist. Many people are looking for ways to treat minor ailments in natural ways without having to rely on medications each time. This resource is also a positive one in that it encourages people to eat healthier foods and to increase the amount of fresh foods that they consume. At the same time, it also promotes the reduction of the consumption of processed foods.

On the other hand it is also important to note that the suggestions made in Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible may not work for every medical condition and every person. The sheer number of conditions that are addressed in this book mean that there will be solutions that will work for some but not for others. This is because there is no single cookie cutter solution for everyone when it comes to medical conditions.

If you are considering following the advice in this book, it would be best to first consult with your doctor.

April 2020 Update

Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible that was reviewed above is no longer in print and is currently unavailable for purchase. This isn’t surprising as the book is several years old and Gillian McKeith is no stranger to controversy having been called out over the years for adding the term “Dr” to her advertisements and for even being branded as a “fake” for carrying out the role of being a therapist on Celebrity Big Brother, in spite of not being qualified as one.

Back in 2007, the “You Are What You Eat” TV presenter agreed to drop the title of “Dr” from her company’s advertising after complaints were sent to the UK industry watchdog. Although she has made millions from her books and television series, her credentials have been questioned by some experts.

After careful consideration, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) decided that using the term “Dr” was likely to mislead the public, so McKeith decided to drop it from advertising. The reason this controversy occurred was McKeith had claimed that she was entitled to call herself a doctor due to her distance learning PhD in holistic nutrition that she had received from the American Holistic College of Nutrition.

However, this college was not accredited by any recognized educational authority at the time that she took the course, which means that McKeith does not hold a general medical qualification. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, she’s not a “Dr” as she claims.

The reason why this is important to note is that McKeith has other books that you can still purchase beyond the Gillian McKeith’s Food Bible. Although she does offer good advice that may be beneficial to some individuals seeking to lose weight, it is essential to keep in mind that she is a celebrity first and not a doctor. Her opinions and advice should not be placed above the advice of your own healthcare provider.

Skinny Bitch Book Of Vegan Swaps

Skinny Bitch Book Of Vegan Swaps book review

The Skinny Bitch Book Of Vegan Swaps is a type of cookbook that provides a range of recipes that are not only geared toward weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, but also provide suggestions to be able to convert non-vegan recipes into dishes that are vegan friendly by switching the ingredients.

The author of the book, Kim Barnouin, claims that any recipe can be made vegan as long as the right substitute ingredients are used to replace those that are not appropriate to this lifestyle.

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Get With the Program

Get with the Program

Get With the Program: Getting Real About Your Health, Weight and Emotional Well-Being is a weight loss book that was authored by Bob Greene, who is an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer. Green specializes in weight loss, fitness and metabolism.

His book is designed to be a guide not only for shedding excess pounds, but also for getting in shape, managing emotions and implementing other elements of a healthy lifestyle. The main goal is to help readers lose weight, get fit and live a happier, healthier and more satisfying life.

A Four-part, Step-by-step Program

Throughout the book, Greene details four different phases that include what is needed to achieve weight loss and healthy living. The step-by-step program focuses on:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Lifestyle change
  • Behavior modification

More specifically, each of the four phases in Get With the Program include:

  1. Self-examination – The first phase is the time in which the dieter looks at his or her own current lifestyle and identifies the elements that need to be changed.
  1. Exercise – The second phase starts the workout efforts and starts the alterations in the reader’s diet.
  1. Emotional well-being – The third phase concentrates on the reader’s emotional state in order to overcome issues such as depression or emotional stress that are causing people to eat more for comfort or to avoid exercise.
  1. Strength training – The fourth phase is the strength training and dietary changes portion of the book. 

The way this book is written it has been designed to seem like you have a personal coach working with you on behavioral and emotional changes along with diet and exercise. According to Greene, if you’ve struggled with weight loss, you need to understand your attitude and challenges before any exercise or diet program will work to your benefit. 

Greene is a Long-time Friend of Oprah

The claim to fame of Bob Greene is that he is the personal trainer of Oprah Winfrey. He has been training her for several years, but has also published a number of books. Among them, Get With the Program is seen as one of his best of them. 

Particular applause has been given to the division of the phases that readers are finding helpful for getting in shape and for losing weight.

Moreover, Greene is known as a very credible author and Get With the Program has received a very long list of highly positive customer reviews from the people who have purchased and used it.

Get With the Program Is Easy to Find and Cheap to Purchase

This weight loss book is readily available in large bookstore chains as well as online, with prices varying for new and used copies, anywhere from $11.00 or cheaper to $25.00. It all depends on where you purchase it.

It can also be found in many libraries and is available in a variety of formats including paperback, hardcover, eBook and audio. Moreover, due to its many available formats and because it was released in 2002, this makes the book easy to find and affordable to purchase.

At the same time, what’s interesting is that neither the author nor the book appeared to have an official website at the time that this Get With the Program book review was created. This is surprising as Green is the bestselling author of several books in the same series including: The Get With the Program! Guide to Good Eating, The Get With the Program! Guide to Fast Food and Family Restaurants, and The Get With the Program! Daily Journal. 

Make Sure that This is the Right Program for You 

While the Get With The Program guide does appear to be a very positive and well laid out program that focuses on several aspects of losing weight beyond diet and exercise, do keep in mind that it’s still a good idea to speak with your healthcare provider before making what Greene suggests a regular part of your everyday lifestyle. After all, even the advice of Oprah’s personal trainer shouldn’t replace the advice of your own medical practitioner.

The Spark Solution Diet

The Spark Solution Diet Book

The Spark Solution is a book containing a two-week diet program that is designed to help dieters improve their health and lose weight.

Created by experts, Becky Hand R.D. and Stepfanie Romine, “The Spark Solution: A Complete Two Week Diet Program to Fast-Track Weight Loss and Total Body Health” is a weight loss book that promises to help those looking to lose weight, drop at least 5 pounds in two weeks, and help them keep the weight from coming back.

What Can you Expect from The Spark Solution Diet?

A product from one of the biggest weight loss communities on the web, the point of the book is to alter a dieter’s mindset. It changes common failures that occur in dieting by building on what is actually successful.

Essentially, the book provides dieters with a program that is 28 days long and is split up into 3 parts:

  • 14-day Jumpstart – This concentrates on providing motivation and tips and tricks to help you create a lifestyle that is healthy.
  • 14-day Let’s Get Started – This addresses fitness and meal preparation. In this section, dieters will also find workout schedules, as well as diet plans.
  • Tools for Success – This last part integrates everything that the dieter has learned during the course of the past 28 days, so they can use it to achieve long-term success. 

What Type of Foods are You Allowed? 

While the book provides you with recipes that are easy to make, to give you a basic idea of the type of food that is promoted on this diet, each day you can expect to eat:

  • Three to four servings of raw or cooked non-starchy vegetables.
  • Two to three servings of fruit (fresh, frozen or canned).
  • Five to six servings of whole grains and starchy vegetables combined.
  • Protein incorporated with two to three servings of plant-based protein or lean, low-fat animal meat.
  • Two servings of dairy and fats as part of a meal or in snacks.

How Much Should You Expect to Exercise? 

Exercise is an important part of the Spark Solution Diet. Following this diet you can expect to engage in daily exercise. About 40 pages of the book is dedicated to fitness and includes pictures to show how certain exercises should be performed. There is also a workout “menu” that shows the number of calories different types of workouts burn as well as other sensible fitness guidance. 

What are the Benefits?

  • It is an affordable diet plan. The book is inexpensive and can be easily found and purchased online. For instance, at the time that this Spark Solution Diet review was written, the paperback cost $12.60 on Amazon. There was also hardcover, eBook and audiobook versions available.
  • The plan concentrates on both eating habits and fitness.
  • The book features recipes that are easy to make.

In addition to The Spark Solution book, the SparkPeople website is free to use and can be accessed at the user’s convenience.

Although is not a diet program, it does offer dieters customizable tools that help to track their progress and can provide them with a better understanding of their weight loss efforts. Also, there is an extensive range of information on the website that covers several topics. Information is provided by experts, as well as SparkPeople community members. 

What are the Drawbacks?

  • There is no guarantee that you will lose weight.
  • The Spark Solution Diet plan is not for everyone and is not suitable for every lifestyle.
  • This is a short-term weight loss diet program that only lasts for two weeks.

The information found in The Spark Solution is based on studies, as well as advice and principles from members and experts at Its purpose is to help dieters achieve successful weight loss during the first two weeks of dieting, which is often considered to be the most critical time.

Although it is a short-term program, it is designed to help dieters achieve long-term results. That said, the book states that noticeable weight loss is achieved within 2-weeks, but there is no guarantee that this will happen.

Always remember that it’s always a good idea to consult with your healthcare provider regarding your plans to change your diet or lifestyle if you would like to lose weight. Your doctor can help you come up with a strategy that best suits your current state of health, lifestyle and weight management goals.

Weight Loss for Busy Mortals

weight loss for busy mortals review

There are so many weight loss books that promise to provide all the information you need to shed those excess pounds that entire sections of online and brick and mortar bookstores have been dedicated to them. Weight Loss For Busy Mortals has had a solid presence on many of those shelves as well as in Kindle format. 

A Fast and Easy Read

The book was written by Angel Dekker. Weight Loss for Busy Mortals was first published in September 2012. The book itself isn’t very long at all, at only 65 pages in its published form. It is written to help dieters to be able to get rid of their excess weight no matter how busy their lives may be.

There are a number of different subjects that are covered in Weight Loss for Busy Mortals. Among these subjects include:

  • Tips for grocery shopping
  • Water
  • Yoga
  • Stretching
  • Exercise choices
  • Fat burning foods
  • Eating smarter
  • The importance of sleep
  • The basics of losing weight 

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle with Weight Loss for Busy Mortals

This book may have a fad kind of sound, but it is not at all meant to be a fad diet. Instead, it is a lifestyle that can be adopted in order to eliminate excess fat and prevent it from returning. The book was written with both men and women in mind and is compatible with the majority of lifestyles and food and exercising preferences.

Weight Loss for Busy Mortals will require the eating and exercising habits to have to change to a certain degree. However the changes are not typically considered to be drastic. They essentially provide the dieter with a path to follow in order to direct themselves to a much healthier lifestyle that easily fits into a busy schedule.

The book is readily available to purchase and can be used with nearly any kind of lifestyle. This means that it is appropriate to a very large range of dieters. At the same time, there are a number of different books which promote the exact same changes in lifestyle that are recommended in this book.

Essentially, it is a restatement of the typical advice that is given about a healthy lifestyle and weight loss, only designed to be worked into the schedule of a very busy person. This has generated as many complaints about the text as there are kudos for the strategy.

The primary benefit of this book is that it places all of the instructions in one place and is specifically geared toward fitting it all into a busy lifestyle. It can help to ensure that the right habits are built so that they will be maintained over the years, instead of starting the next swing in a yo-yo dieting pattern.

Update September 2019 – After extensive efforts to locate Weight Loss for Busy Mortals online, it looks as though this book (and its author Angel Dekker) has been deleted from digital existence. This is incredibly odd, as usually when a book isn’t sold anymore, it is simply listed as unavailable. Moreover, even if a certain site ceases to carry it, usually it’s possible to find information about it having previously existing somewhere on the web. Needless to say, this book is now gone and cannot be purchased in any form online.

How to Find a Good Weight Loss Book Online

Weight Loss for Busy Mortals may no longer be an option, but the web is still filled with many great books about weight loss that you can obtain in print, eBook, and sometimes even audio book formats.

If you are on the hunt for a good book to help you achieve healthy dieting and exercise goals, consider the following to help you narrow down your search:

  • Have a weight loss goal in mind
  • Think about what types of exercises you enjoy
  • Know your weight loss struggles (e.g. appetite, lack of energy, lack of motivation, etc.)
  • Realistically think about what foods you are and are not willing to sacrifice
  • Avoid books that promote cleanses and maintaining extremely low daily calorie limits (e.g. 1,200 calories or less)
  • Research the author(s) of the book to find out who they are and their expertise
  • Read several customer reviews to see what they thought of the book you’re interested in
  • Purchase the book from a reputable source 

Consult with Your Doctor

Remember that no matter what advice you read in a book or from who it comes (a celebrity, professional trainer, dietitian, doctor, etc.), it should never replace the advice provided to you by your actual, real life healthcare provider.

Just as would have been the case if you had decided to purchase Weight Loss for Busy Mortals, remember that if you are going to be making significant changes to your diet based on what you read in a book, consult with your healthcare provider first. It is important to ensure that the changes recommended in the book you choose are ideal for your health and are practical in helping you realistically achieve your intended weight loss goal.

Get Gorgeous Now

Get Gorgeous Now ReviewGet Gorgeous Now is a book about weight loss that is written by an author simply named Mary Jane. The purpose of the book is to provide people with everything that they need in terms of tricks, tips and inside secrets, so that the readers will have everything that they need to achieve the looks that they see in Hollywood.

The story is essentially that the author is a “plain Jane” who didn’t like her life or appearance, so she discovered the ways that the people in Hollywood achieve their perfect appearances. Then, practically overnight, she was able to convert herself into the person that she always wanted to be. This led her to write the book that contains all of the instructions to follow so that the reader will be able to look like Hollywood stars, as well.

At the time of this review, the book had a website consisting of only one page that asks the reader a number of different questions. The site says that if the reader’s answer to any of the questions was “yes” then it is recommended that they purchase the book, which is available for immediate download in e-book format.

Every part of this book, from the marketing to the actual product , is extremely gimmicky. The full layout of the book is swamped with text and it is designed in a very unprofessional way. The website offers a number of before and after photos, but it is difficult to tell whether or not they are actually genuine, as it is a common tactic in this industry to use stock before and after photos, or simply to alter the images using any number of available software products for that purpose.

There is no satisfaction guarantee associated with this ebook and at the time of this review, it was selling for $19.95, which is quite the hefty price for a downloadable product, as opposed to the print copy.

The claims from the marketing of this book are extremely difficult to believe. Although it could be true, the entire design of the website and the product itself is highly gimmicky and mirrors the marketing tactics of hoaxes and scams. Many of the promises are simply too big to be anything real.

What was interesting is that while the author of the book on the official site claims to be “Mary Jane”, this same book is available on a number of other very similar sites under other names that also claim to be the author. This entire selling scheme seems very dubious and for a book of that cost, it would likely be just as easy to move on to the next option.

Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook

Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook ReviewFresh Start Bariatric Cookbook is a recipe guide designed to provide people with options after they’ve undergone weight loss surgery. The book is written by Sarah Kent MS RDN CD.

The book acknowledges that after bariatric surgery, people can’t simply jump right back into the old foods and recipes they used to eat ahead of the procedure. The body requires a new nutrition plan and it will need to be phased in throughout the healing. This cookbook points out that this surgery provides the opportunity to take nutrition much more seriously and to modify your life and lifestyle including the way you eat.

The Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook is not only meant to create a program allowing people to know what to eat throughout the phases of healing, but also how to take their eating strategy into the long term. After all, the surgery isn’t a solution unto itself. It is a tool that provides the ability to be able to take control back over the way you eat so that you can lose the weight and keep it off.

As positive as that sounds, many bariatric surgery patients require a considerable amount of guidance in order to be able to put their intentions toward healthy eating into action. This can seem very challenging and quite overwhelming without the right information and an action plan to go with it.

The Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook includes a range of delicious and yet healthy versions of some of the most popular and well loved foods. This makes it possible to enjoy a meal and feel confident that the right choices are being made. With these recipes, patients can know that they’re eating food they enjoy without undoing their positive surgery results.

This cookbook contains:

• Over 100 recipes that are meant specifically for a bariatric surgery patient’s unique needs. That said, these recipes are also appropriate for people who have had laparoscopic adjustable gastric band placement, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and other types of procedures for weight loss.
• Accurate serving size suggestions, labeling specific to a patient’s stage of post-operative recovery and nutritional information
• Foods ranging from full liquids to purees, then soft foods and finally a general long-term diet, which makes it appropriate from the moment the patient is released from the hospital.
• Thorough information about each recipe, including prep and cooking time, making it easier to fit the meals into your schedule every day.

Mini Habits for Weight Loss

Mini Habits for Weight Loss ReviewMini Habits for Weight Loss is a book written by Stephen Guise and written in order to help readers to develop a healthy lifestyle that will naturally lend itself to weight loss and then maintaining the lost weight, instead of having to resort to short term diets.

The full title of the book is “Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering,” and it is currently in its second volume. The primary claim of the book is that readers who follow its advice will never need to diet again. It claims to be able to provide the directions a reader needs to achieve a healthy body weight without having to rely on restrictive food habits, bans on certain foods, calorie counting or other behaviors that are highly limited or that can be maintained for only the short term.

This book is designed for natural weight loss and claims to achieve this goal in the way the body and brain of the user are meant to function. It eliminates blame and guilt and works to move forward in a positive direction instead of trying to point the finger or feel bad about actions taken and habits made in the past.

The premise behind Mini Habits for Weight Loss is that people gain weight and struggle to lose it because they are working against their own natural body and brain needs and behaviors. By recognizing what the body and brain actually want and altering behaviors to meet those needs, weight loss occurs. That said, it also claims that without the right strategy – that is, by dieting in traditional ways – the body and brain biologically resist the changes being made. It explains that this is why the majority of diets fail or are successful only over a short term until the weight eventually comes back again.

This book rapidly became very popular and has been translated into 13 languages from its original English.

The book tries to provide the types of understanding a person needs in order to design healthy behaviors around a lifestyle that treats their body and brain well while fitting into their schedules. It does not take drastic steps such as banning all junk foods or requiring meal replacements. Instead, it hopes to help readers to make healthy, impactful changes. While it does recommend healthy eating and regular exercise, it also provides lifestyle habit advice outside of those two categories.

The Complete Guide to Fasting

The Complete Guide to Fasting ReviewThe Complete Guide to Fasting is a controversial book written by Dr. Jason Fung. Dr. Fung is a nephrologist from Toronto, Canada. The concept of this book is to educate people about fasting in order to promote better health while overcoming a number of myths that are heavily associated with the term.

To create the book, Dr. Fung worked with Jimmy Moore, a popular author and health podcaster. The book was based on Dr. Fung’s experience in recommending various different forms of fasting strategy to over 1,000 different patients whom he claims experienced strong successes as a result of the protocol.

Right from the start of the book, Dr. Fung made it clear that the idea that fasting involves starving yourself is a myth. He feels it is important to stress this, as all too many people interpret the word in that way and, as a result, may not be practicing the technique properly. Within the book, he describes what the practice is truly about and how it can be used, in his opinion, for the improvement of health.

The Complete Guide to Fasting does live up to its name in that it works to cover a full range of topics on the matter. These include: what it is and the impact it has on health, who will and who will not benefit from fasting, the history of the practice, the different ways that it can be practiced (including extended, intermittent and alternate-day fasting), what to expect when getting started with a protocol, how to track your progress, what type of weight loss can occur during fasting and what to expect from it, and how to prevent certain possible unwanted effects from a fast.

Beyond that, the guide also goes on to give readers a number of getting started tools as well as some to keep them going throughout the length of the practice. This includes several healing liquid recipes and a 7-Day Kick-Start Fasting Plan.

It is important to note that while Dr. Fung is a well respected doctor and while many do celebrate his recommended strategy, the practice of fasting remains, in many ways, highly controversial. This is particularly true of self-guided fasts as opposed to those that have been designed by doctors for the individual needs of the patient and that involve check-ins with that doctor to ensure that everything is going as planned and to adjust the effort to improve it over time.